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This website was created as part of Network. This network was launched in 2003 by two veterans of the moving industry, who decided to bring professionalism, decency and order into the world of moving through the Web. We dedicated ourselves to help moving customers in finding the best service providers in the field.

Since then our team has grown and we introduced other moving related services and websites. was designed to be a premiere website dedicated to provide our visitors with all kinds of information and tools to make your move an easy experience.

Moving doesn't have to be stressful. To help you with your move we offer a variety of tools and moving guides to help you get prepared. Check our moving guide to learn how to select your moving company, how to pack your belongings right, how to handle the financial side of moving, and many other important issues dealing with your move.

New services and tools are added constantly to our website, and we invite you to visit us often and enjoy the free resources available on or through our network.

We wish your move to be an easy one!

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