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Chapter 10:

Car Moving Tips

Depending on where you are moving to, you might want to use professional auto mover to transport your car. This might prove cheaper than driving to your new home or even selling and buying a car. The following topics will help you better understand this process:

1.     Choosing the right auto mover

2.     Preparing your car for shipping

3.     Inspecting your car

4.     Scheduling pickup and delivery

5.     How much will it cost?

6.     Paying for moving your car

7.     How to save on your move

8.     Auto move insurance tips

Choosing the right auto mover

 When choosing an auto mover:

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Preparing your car for shipping

When you prepare your car for shipping, make sure to follow those guidelines:

Personal Possessions: Do not leave personal possessions of any kind in your car.  The transporters will not be held responsible for any personal items stored in vehicle that are lost or stolen. Of course spare tires, car jacks, and other standard items that can be found in a trunk of a new car are not a problem. Make sure anything left in the car is tied down securely.

Alarm: Shut off and or disable your car alarm. If your car alarm were to go off during transport, it may pose a problem to the transport company to turn it off.

Gas: Keep the gas tank filled under a quarter of a tank. It reduces the weight of the car, and transporters will appreciate that. Cars and motorcycles that are shipped on the moving van should be completely drained of fuel. In addition, motorcycle batteries should be disconnected.

Cosmetic Damage: Wash it thoroughly so you can record any cosmetic damage accurately.

Loose Parts: Secure or remove any loose parts or specialty items from your car such as ground effects, spoilers, or fog lights.

Mirrors and Antennae: If you have wide mirrors fold them back. Lower, remove, or retract the antennae if possible.

Antifreeze: When moving in winter, make sure that there is a sufficient amount of antifreeze to protect your automobile against severe winter temperatures.

Batteries, Tires and Fluids: Have a charged and relatively new battery, properly inflated tires, and make sure all fluids are at adequate levels.

Leaks: If you have ANY leaks from your car, be sure to tell transporter so that he will position you car properly. Cars leaking oil and especially brake or transmission fluid should NEVER be on the top of a two deck open trailer. This is to prevent leaks onto the paint of vehicles below.

Convertibles: Always ship convertibles with the top secured properly. Seal any holes or open seams in the top to prevent moisture damage. If you cannot raise the top, consider closed container shipping.

Paperwork: You should keep a photocopy of your registration and insurance paperwork for the vehicle in the glove compartment.

Operational Problems: Prepare a careful list of any operational problems or steps necessary to start, stop, or drive your vehicle on or off the trailer.

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Inspecting your car 

When preparing your car for shipping, make a thorough vehicle inspection. In order to ensure that any claims of vehicle damage are accurate and enforceable, make a complete report of any pre-existing damage your vehicle may have. Dated pictures can be a very effective in making claims on damage

Vehicle Condition Report:

When the transport company picks up your vehicle, a Vehicle Condition Report must be completed and signed by you and the driver. The condition report or other document used by the car mover should include: current mileage, pre-existing damage of any type including: glass, scratches, paint, dents, and so on. This report is important in case any disputes arise.

When your car is delivered, make sure to methodically inspect it. Use the condition report given to you at pick up and go over all of the details.

Look for damage not mentioned on the original report. Check for changes in mileage and check every part of your car carefully. Look for obvious damage or changes to the car's condition that may have occurred during the shipping.

If there are any discrepancies, make sure to note them on the condition report you received on pick-up of the car, and have the driver sign the document.

You should avoid accepting your vehicle at night or at a location that does not permit you easy access to inspecting all parts of your car.

It is absolutely essential that you perform a thorough examination of your car as described above. Remember that once you have accepted your car, your signed documentation is what protects you.

If problems arise, reputable auto moving companies will work out disputes with you in an amicable fashion, but you must have all documents at hand.

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Scheduling Pickup and Delivery

You should schedule your auto shipping at least 4 weeks before you move. It will give you enough time to make arrangements with the auto mover to pick up your vehicle.

Make sure to get a 3 day guaranteed window for the pick-up and delivery dates of your car. Insist on having it in writing.

If you are not available, you should arrange an alternative authorized party such as neighbor, friend or relative you can trust to transfer the vehicle to the auto mover. 

Make sure that if you or an authorized party is not available to receive your car, that it will be stored in a secure storage facility where you will be able to pick it up at a more convenient time. This may be subject to additional charges. If you require a specific date for delivery, many auto movers can accommodate you and store your car at a terminal for an additional charge.

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   5. How much will it cost?

   6. Paying for moving your car

   7. How to save on your move

   8. Auto move insurance tips

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