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Chapter 5:

Do-not-move Items

There are few groups of items that CANNOT be shipped: hazardous materials, perishables, and personal valuable items.

1. Hazardous materials

2. Perishables

3. Personal and valuable items

Hazardous materials

It is very important that you exclude any of the flammables, corrosive or explosive materials listed below from your shipment:

1. Aerosols

2. Ammonia

3. Ammunition

4. Ammunition Reloading Components

5. Car Batteries

6. Charcoal

7. Charcoal Lighter Fluid

8. Chemistry Sets

9. Cleaning Solvents

10. Fertilizer

11. Fireworks

12. Fire Extinguisher

13. Gasoline

14. Household Batteries

15. Kerosene

16. Lamp Oil

17. Liquid Bleach

18. Loaded Guns

19. Matches

20. Nail Polish

21. Nail Polish Remove

22. Paint Thinner

23. Paints

24. Pesticides

25. Poisons

26. Pool Chemicals

27. Propane Tanks

28. Sterno

29. Weed Killer

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Perishables are food, plants and living things.

Examples are:

  • Frozen food
  • Open or half-used foods produce
  • Foods in glass jars
  • Refrigerated foods
  • Plants
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    Personal and valuable items

    Be prepared for unexpected surprises or emergencies, like delay of your shipment or loss of any of your precious items. Do not load items that are valuable to you on a moving truck.

    Here are some of these items:

    1. Address Books

    2. Airline Tickets

    3. Car Keys

    4. CD's

    5. Checkbooks

    6. Computer Disks

    7. Financial Documents

    8. IRAs/Deeds/Tax Records

    9. Insurance Policies

    10. Jewelry

    11. Furs

    12. Medicine

    13. Medical and Dental Records

    14. Software Backups

    15. Personal Documents: e.g. passport etc.

    16. Personal Video Tapes

    17. Professional Files

    18. Photo Albums

    19. Research Projects

    20. School Records

    21. Sterling Silver

    22. Stocks/Bonds

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